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Monthly Statistics

Jan 19 69.44% 25 0 11
Dec 18 73.68% 28 1 10
Nov 18 79.41% 27 1 7
Oct 18 74.29% 26 2 9
Sep 18 84.21% 32 0 6
Aug 18 71.43% 25 1 10
Jul 18 83.87% 26 4 5
Jun 18 74.19% 23 2 8
May 18 72.73% 24 1 9
Apr 18 76.67% 23 3 7
Mar 18 68.42% 26 0 12
Feb 18 80.65% 25 3 6
Jan 18 74.19% 23 3 8
Dec 17 71.88% 23 2 9
Nov 17 77.42% 24 4 7
Oct 17 76.47% 26 1 8
Sep 17 72.22% 26 0 10

Member Reviews

I love having a site that I can count on to deliver me the best tips day after day.

Hans Koller


I am enjoying your tips. I win 4,500 EUR over last two weeks. Look forward to win more.

Mert Orucov


I'm recommending your tips to my friends. I tell them, if you want to win more bets, join SecretBet.org.

Finn Janssens


I knew I could be a successful punter if I just had access to the same tips the pro punters are receiving. That has been proven true since I joined your site.

Murad Muratovic


I get excited every time I receive an email from you. Your tips are fantastic and I look forward to using them often in the future.

Oskar Tamm


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Address: 11 Annfield Rd, BEARWOOD, BH11 4EN, United Kingdom

Phone: 44 070 3453 3012

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We accept the following payment methods credit card, debit card and PayPal.

Our payment process features the latest security measures to keep your personal information safe and secure. There has never been a safer or easier way to buy tips!

High Win Rate!

Our tips won over 80% of the time in two months this year and hit a 79% win rate in two other months.

In other words, our tips win a lot which is just what you need to grow your bankroll fast. No wonder the top professional football punters use our betting tips!

Email Delivery

We deliver all tips via email so that you don't have to log into an account to view your tips.

Now you can simply open an email, get your tip and place your bet. It's that easy to win secret bets with our high quality football tips. We also deliver our tips at the same time everyday so you have plenty of time to place your bet and take advantage of the best early odds.